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RarMe 0.5

RarMe 0.5

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RarMe Editor's Review

RarMe is a frontend which uses the binary version of RAR for Mac.

RarMe is the kind of application that I was looking for while testing the RAR archiver. It provides features like an easy interface which can use the RAR functionality, while maintaining the possibility to manually input advanced command line switches which can manipulate the advanced RAR functionality.

In order to figure out how to install the 'rar' binary, you really need to check the 'Readme.rtf' file which you can find inside the distribution package, incase you use it for the first time. The action itself is not difficult at all, but you need to place the 'rar' file where it should be placed in order to make RarMe to function.

The functionality of the program is split between these functions: add, extract and amend. The supported features via the graphical interface are far from the complete feature list provided by rar, but it is enough for an average use. Besides, you still have the possibility to use the manual switches, so you have nothing to lose if you use RarMe.

The 'Add' functionality works like a small wizard. There are a few buttons which provide the specific functionality.

The 'Method' button allows you to set the compression strength. The 'Switches' button provides you the possibility to use various options, and use the multi-volume support.

The 'Advanced' button reveals the encryption functionality, the solid archives support, and some other various settings. The 'Expert' button allows you to manipulate various command line attributes such as the usage of the additional switches or the output of the currently used command.

By Clicking the 'Files' button you can set the input path for the source files/folders, and the output path and name for the RAR archive. By pressing the 'Rar!' button you can start the whole archiving process.

You have couple of usage modes for this application. You can either use the commands internally without any user interference, even though in some cases is required, or you can use the Terminal. When using the 'Process in Terminal' option, RarMe sends the archiving text command to the shell. The whole processing is done inside the shell, so RarMe isn't required any more.

The 'Extract' functionality allows you to extract files from a existing RAR archive. It's very easy to use as all you need to do is to set up a source and a destination path. The processing mode is also optional: inside the application or within the Terminal. This functionality has a bug as it sends an extra space character into the shell command which makes the whole process fail. You just need to hit the 'up' key, delete the extra space char at the end of the line, before the quotation mark.

The 'Amend' functionality allows you to either lock or repair an existing archive. It allows you to easily input the source archive, as well as the couple of processing modes: internally or via the shell.

Pluses: it allows you to easily archive using the rar application without typing commands in the shell, it allows you multiple processing methods, it allows you to manually supply extra command line switches.

Drawbacks / flaws: a minor bug in the decompressing engine, minor interface issues.

In conclusion: this is a good frontend for RAR. If you had trouble while using RAR for Mac, then this application solves most of the issues.

version reviewed: 0.5

RarMe Publisher's Description

RarMe is an AppleScript Studio application that uses the command line utility 'rar' ( to create RAR archives. In order to use RarMe you must download and install RAR.

RarMe is still in very early stages of development and is very rough around the edges. It is fairly functional, but many of the features of 'rar' are still

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